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1. Solid Steel Radio Show 25/10/2013 Part 3 + 4 - Ollie Teeba (The Herbaliser)

Solid Steel Radio Show 25/10/2013 Part 3 + 4 - Ollie Teeba (The Herbaliser)

In Hour 2, Ollie Teeba from The Herbaliser and Soundsci gives us his own take on 'War of the Worlds' for the Solid Steel 25th Anniversary. here in his own words; 'When I was 8 or 9 years old I heard Jeff Wayne's musical version of H.G.Well's 'War Of the Worlds' for the first time. It scared the pants off me. For years afterwards I listened to the record over and over. It is certainly one of the things from my childhood that cemented my interest in film scores. Though not a film score per se. Its marriage of rock music with orchestral arrangements to tell a story, had me transfixed. The combination of funky rock with sinister string parts would heavily influence and partially shape the sounds that, years later Jake Wherry and I would be making in The Herbaliser.  A few years back I was given, as a Christmas gift, the 'Collectors Edition box set of Jeff Wayne's War of the Worlds'. As well as tons of interesting facts about the creation of the original recordings it had several CD's of alternate takes, remixes etc. On one CD, I excitedly discovered that they had included all of Richard Burton's dialogue parts, without music. Having already created and performed an alternate live DJ score to silent film 'The Lost World' from 1927, this seemed like a great opportunity to do a similar project with one of my favourite childhood stories. Using records from my own collection of movie soundtracks and other suitable material, I created the original version. This was given to some close friends as a christmas present in 2010. The version you are now hearing is a somewhat revised and extended version, created specifically for the 25 years of Solid Steel. Also, it is the 75th anniversary of Orson Welles' infamous radio play, that when broadcast on Halloween 1938, had many Americans convinced that they were listening to a genuine attack from outer space. This is by no means intended as an improvement to Mr Wayne's recording but a tribute to H.G Wells, Jeff Wayne, Richard Burton, Orson Welles and of course Solid Steel. DJ Ollie Teeba of The Herbaliser and Soundsci' Follow Solid Steel on Facebook and Twitter PART 3 + 4 - Ollie Teeba David Axelrod _ A Divine Image _ Capitol Ennio Morricone _ 'Humanity part 1' (from The Thing) _ MCA Lalo Schifrin _ 'Scorpio's View' (from Dirty Harry) _ Warner Bros Lalo Schifrin _ 'What's Past is Past - Affirmation of Love' (from Voyage of the Damned) _ Entr'acte Quincey Jones _ 'Slam City'(from The Hot Rock) _ Prophesy Lalo Schifrin _ Main Title from Voyage of the Damned _ Entr'acte Ennio Morricone _ 'Citta Violenta' (from Violent City) _ RCA Piero Piccioni _ 'Identikit' (from Colpo Rovente) _ RCA Charles Bernstein _ 'Laying the Trap' (from Gator) _ MCA Lalo Schifrin _ 'Tiger Tank' (from Kelly's Heroes) _ MGM Lalo Schifrin _ 'The School Bus' (from Dirty Harry) _ Warner Bros Lalo Schifrin _ 'Commando Opus' (from Kelly's Heroes) _ MGM Michel Colombier/Serge Gainsbourg _ 'Breakdown (Suite 1)' (from Si J'etais un Espion) _ Universal The Animated Egg _ Sock it My Way _ Marble Arch Wilfred Josephs _ Nervestretch _ Boosey and Hawkes Henry Mancini _ 'Dog Eat Dog' (from The Thief Who Came to Dinner) _ Warner Bros Roy Budd _ 'Diamonds' (from The Black Windmill) _ Cinephile Roy Budd _ 'The Briefcase' (from The Black Windmill) _ Cinephile Monk Higgins/Alex Brown _ 'Railroad' (from Sheba Baby) _ Buddah Michel Colombier/Serge Gainsbourg _ 'Breakdown (Suite 2)' (from Si J'etais un Espion) _ Universal Charles Bernstein _ 'Flight in the Night' (from Gator) _ MCA Henry Mancini _ 'The Patter' (from The Thief Who Came to Dinner) _ Warner Bros Henry Mancini _ 'Main Theme' (from The Thief Who Came to Dinner) _ Warner Bros Roy Budd _ 'The Plant' (from The Black Windmill) _ Cinephile Jerry Goldsmith _ 'Revelation' (from Planet of the Apes) _ Project 3 Jerry Goldsmith _ 'New Identity' (from Planet of the Apes) _ Project 3 David McCullum _ The Edge _ Capitol David Axelrod _ A Divine Image _ Capitol

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2. The Herbaliser - 'Herbal Tonic' Album Mini-mix (mixed by DK)

The Herbaliser - 'Herbal Tonic' Album Mini-mix (mixed by DK)

FREE DOWNLOAD OF THIS MIX AT NINJATUNE.NET THE HERBALISER - HERBAL TONIC (Best Of) - Out June 14th (UK/ROW) June 29th (NA) on Ninja Tune Welcome please, the Herbaliser. One of the key acts if not the key act of the middle ten years of Ninja Tune’s two decade journey, from 1995’s debut Remedies until their last album for Ninja, 2005’s Take London, Jake Wherry and Ollie Teeba used their time with Ninja Tune to effortlessly combine their love of hip hop, funk, jazz and sixties film soundtracks into a widescreen, musical approach to the beat that was as raw as it was intelligent. From the old skool referencing “Gadget Funk,” through the spy theme atmospherics of “The Missing Suitcase,” the cartoon psychedelia of the previously unreleased “March of the Dead Things,” and the epic reach of both “Stranded On Earth” (from 2008’s Same as It Never Was on !K7) and the beautiful “A Song For Mary,” Herbal Tonic shows the musical mastery that a pair of hip hop heads from South West London developed. Their choice of musical collaborators also shows their love for and understanding of the craft of rapping. From Jean Grae (formerly What What), who worked with them across five of their albums – and who they plucked from relative obscurity in the mid-nineties New York underground – to the likes of MF Doom and Roots Manuva (long before either was a cool name to drop), all of the Herbaliser’s choices show a love for a characterful, distinctive voice as well as rock solid technique (a modus operandi which also served them well when choosing the remarkable Seaming To to vocal the title track to 2002’s “Something Wicked This Way Comes”). The third string to the Herbaliser bow is, of course, their live show. Not content with being great DJs, and once again long before the trend for dance acts going ‘live,’ Wherry and Teeba put together a crack group of musicians (many with a strong background in jazz and soul) to bring their recordings into full-on technicolor, three dimensional life. The results were so stunning tha the band have recorded two live albums, represented here by excellent versions of “Mr Chombee Has The Flaw” and “Ginger Jumps The Fence.” The package is rounded out by a remarkable DJ Food remix, “Mrs Chombee Takes The Plunge,” lovingly pieced together by PC, sometime schoolmate of Wherry. It rounds out the picture this compilation draws of the Herbaliser because there is also a “family” element to their world view, a gang of unruly musical miscreants who started out dreaming of New York and ended up helping to build a New London. The Herbaliser play as part of Ether Festival @ Southbank on April 16th with Stereo MCs vs The Bays + Tom Middleton Tracklist 1 Gadget Funk 2 Nah’ Mean Nah’m Sayin’ (ft. Jean Grae) 3 The Missing Suitcase 4 The Blend (ft. What What aka Jean Grae) 5 Starlight (ft. Roots Manuva) 05:08 6 A Song For Mary 7 Mr Chombee Has The Flaw (from Session 2) 8 Something Wicked (ft. Seaming To) 9 Mrs Chombee Takes The Plunge (PC Remix) 10 The Sensual Woman 11 It Ain’t Nuttin’ (ft. MF Doom) 12 Tea & Beer (ft. Jean Grae) 13 Ginger Jumps The Fence (from session 1) 14 March of the Dead Things (previously unreleased) 04:04 15 Stranded On Earth 04:50

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3. Solid Steel Radio Show 26/10/2012 Part 1 + 2 - The Herbaliser

Solid Steel Radio Show 26/10/2012 Part 1 + 2 - The Herbaliser

Solid Steel in association with Serato (26th October) The Herbaliser celebrate the release of their new album 'There were seven' with a mix by Ollie Teeba. It kicks off with Bombay Royale and their take on vintage Indian Cinema classics, then onto the DJ Numark edit of Ernie Hines and into Mr Chop with their own twist. Then it's recent hip hop from Freestyle Professors feat Sadat X, The Legion and Alchemist, a track from The Herbaliser album given an extra dub rinse, two appearances from Large Professor and closing with an Axelrod inspired track from Monophonics. You can catch The Herbaliser live at the Forum in London on 27th Oct alongside DJ Food. PART 1 + 2 - The Herbaliser Bombay Royale _ Monkey Fight Snake _ Hope Street DJ Numark/Ernie Hines _ Our Generation re-edit _ Hot Plate Mr Chop _ Straighten it Out _ Now and Again Freestyle Professors _ Devastating feat Sadat X and Stanley Grimes _ Freestyle OhNo _ 3 Dollars feat M.F.Doom _ Brick Trinity (A.G., Sadat X, DJ Jab) _ Roc Raida _ Fatbeats The Legion _ Automatic Systematic _ Ill Adrenaline Alchemist _ Junkyard Fight Scene feat Durag Dynasty _ Decon The Herbaliser _ Extravagance (No Sleep Nigel's Dub version) _ Department H Large Professor _ Straight from the Gold feat Busta Rhymes _ Fatbeats Gensu Dean _ Ramesses feat 7even Thirty and Homeboy Sandman _ Mellow Music Batsauce _ What you Need _ Galapagos 4 Nas _ Loco-Motive feat Large Professor _ Def Jam OhNo _ OhNoMite Jazz _ Brick Little Buck _ Little Boy Blue _ Seven B Twin Peaks _ Bang Bang _ unknown Batsauce _ Bang Bang _ Galapagos 4 Blu and Exile _ Money _ Dirty Science Soundsci _ Lyrical Beatdown _ World Expo Monophonics _ Mirage _ Ubiquity

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4. In The Woods (The Herbaliser Remix Feat. Ghettosocks)

  • Published: 2013-07-02T17:09:22Z
  • By Hugo Kant
In The Woods (The Herbaliser Remix Feat. Ghettosocks)

From Leave Me Alone EP released July 1st 2013 by Bellring. remix by The Herbaliser vocals by Ghettosocks buy 12" vinyl or digital @ bandcamp Side A : In The Woods Leave Me Alone (feat. LostPoet) Side B : In The Woods (The Herbaliser Remix feat. Ghettosocks) Leave Me Alone feat. LostPoet (Chinese Man Remix) Artwork : CéMar

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5. The Herbaliser - Take 'em On (T Power Remix ft. Zoe Theodorou)

The Herbaliser - Take 'em On (T Power Remix ft. Zoe Theodorou)

18 months on from the release of their critically acclaimed 7th album, ‘There Were Seven’, UK Hip-Hop/Funk/Soul pioneers The Herbaliser return with ‘There Were Seven - Remixes’. Released on the band’s own Department H label the album features 15 newly recorded and remixed versions, plus a further 8 bonus instrumental cuts, from the likes of 2econd Class Citizen, Wah Wah 45’s Colman Brothers and Drum’n’Bass/Electronica pioneer T Power. The band’s first album after a break of four years, ‘There Were Seven’ was hailed as ‘a buoyant return’ (Clash), resembling ’something Grandmaster Flash would produce for a modern day audience’ (The Music Fix) where ‘repeated listens of this finely realised album are therefore an enjoyable must’ (BBC Music) and saw them featured everywhere from The Guardian to DJ Mag. Having launched themselves back into the public eye, Jake and Ollie quickly discovered how social media had completely changed the way bands and fans interacted in recent years. Rather than retreating to the tour bus straight after the show to jump on the Playstation they started to take time to hang around and meet and chat with fans and other artists they’d connected with on Twitter. From this they got to know a whole new generation of producers, and reconnect with some old friends, with the result this album, 15 new mixes from established producers to fast rising stars such as French producer Gigabeatz Bonson, Liverpool’s Jenome and Paraguayan trio Lopez through to UK Hip-Hop legend No Sleep Nigel and sensational live act the Renegade Brass Band. From dusty fingered soul to sparse electronica, bass heavy bangers to brass heavy stompers, ‘There Were Seven - Remixes’, takes one of the best leftfield albums of recent years and reimagines it in a myriad different ways, a testament to both the original material’s strength and the skill and imagination of the remixers involved. Official: Facebook: Twitter: @theherbaliser

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6. Société Perrier 14-Month Anniversary DJ Mix: The Herbaliser

Société Perrier 14-Month Anniversary DJ Mix: The Herbaliser

Société Perrier 14-Month Anniversary Mix: The Herbaliser 1. Pablo - "The Story of Sampling" 2. Rasheed Chappell - "Invocation" 3. Melvin Bliss - "Synthetic Substitution" 4. DJ Format - "Statement of Intent" 5. Quakers - "R.A.I.D." 6. Gary Wright - "I Can't Find the Judge" 7. Third Bass - "Steppin' to the A.M." 8. Tony Camillo's Bazuka - "Dy-No-Mite" 9. Pieces of a Dream - "Mount Airy Groove" + 10. The Herbaliser - "Tea and Beer" (acapella featuring Jean Grae) 11. Afrika Bambaataa and the Jazzy Five - "Jazzy Sensation" (Steinski's Jazz mix) 12. Dennis Coffey - "Scorpio" (alt 7" version) + 13. The Herbaliser - "Failure's No Option" featuring Cappo 14. Soundsci - "In a Flash"

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7. EGLO.004 The Herbaliser

EGLO.004 The Herbaliser

Connect with The Herbaliser: Tumblr: Facebook: Soundcloud: Twitter: Instagram: Connect with Electronic Groove: Webiste: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: More than 18 years into their musical journey, The Herbaliser are now gearing up for the release of THERE WERE SEVEN (8th October). It all began in the early 1990s when West London duo @JakeWherry and Ollie Teeba discovered a shared passion for hip-hop, rare groove, funk and jazz. James Brown, DJ Premier, Lalo Schifrin, David Axelrod and Serge Gainsbourg were their youthful heroes. Full bio at

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8. The Herbaliser - The Blend feat. What What (Cherenkov Riddim Remix)

The Herbaliser - The Blend feat. What What (Cherenkov Riddim Remix)

A week ago I made a mix entitled "The Blend" dedicated to blending different styles into electronic hip-hop ( ) This name doesn't come from nowhere : it's a legendary track from The Herbaliser that I listened and drop countless times in my mixes. I was making some laid-back beats so I decided to morph this into a little tribute ! And of course, here you go for the original : Enjoy

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9. The Herbaliser - Goldrush

  • Published: 2011-06-18T04:45:13Z
  • By Samnang
The Herbaliser - Goldrush

dedicated to my UniverSoul brotherz..

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10. A Sad State Of Affairs - ft George the Poet (Radio Mix)

A Sad State Of Affairs - ft George the Poet (Radio Mix)

"A Sad State of Affairs" is the second collaborative single release from the Herbaliser's latest album, THERE WERE SEVEN. The track features George the Poet, a very different and interesting young man : 21 years old, hailing from a housing estate in North West London, born to Ugandan parents and currently reading Politics , Psychology and Sociology at Cambridge University. George Mpanga's words betray an intellect and wisdom beyond his years. Starting out rapping over grime beats, George soon realised that the more open form of spoken word slam poetry was a more effective medium of expression for him. Dismayed with the current slew of rappers who spit negativity and consumerism with robot voices over uninspiring beats, on "Sad State", George takes aim at both them and the industry that continues to churn them out of its rap-star machine. Coming from the generation that nobody seems to want to listen to, George is a voice amongst a few young British wordsmiths standing up to be counted, demanding an audience to hear what they have to say. The E.P. has remixes from Irn Mnky (DJ Shadow's current favourite UK producer), a hip-hop remix by Liverpool's cult Hip-Hop guru Jenome , plus an epic remix of "The Lost Boy" by The Legendary Danny K- an enigmatic character who gained notoriety as one of the pioneers of streaming trip hop beats in the early days of the internet. Lastly, a reading of the lyrics by George, delivered as poetry.

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12. Herbology (mp4)

Herbology (mp4)

A megamix of all things Herbaliser- Acapellas and instrumentals from across The Herbaliser's huge catalogue of releases cleverly mixed together by clever people..

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13. The Sensual Woman

The Sensual Woman

The Herbaliser Band and Rodney P Live In Liverpool - October 18th 2014 Rodney P - Vocals Jake Wherry - Bass Ollie Teeba - DJ Ralph Lamb - Trumpet Andy Ross - Tenor and Baritone Sax, Flute Finn Peters - Alto Sax Oliver Parfitt - Keys Micah Moody - Drums

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14. What You Asked For

What You Asked For

The new album rom The Herbaliser "There Were Seven" Due for release October 8th 2012

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15. Herb 10 Soundcloud

Herb 10 Soundcloud

Here is a quickie mix of 10 of our popular tracks. Just to remind you that will still here and still rocking those tuff beats and smashing it live onstage

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16. The Herbaliser - Crimes & Misdemeanours (Lopez Remix)

The Herbaliser - Crimes & Misdemeanours (Lopez Remix)

Remix by Lopez

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17. The Waiting Room

The Waiting Room

A Not for Sale collection of remixes, rejigs and track developments that we did for Warner Chapell- We got access to their vault of 70's library music and were given free reign to do what we wanted with the samples..

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18. The Herbaliser - Cant Help This Feeling (Grant Phabao Remix)

The Herbaliser - Cant Help This Feeling (Grant Phabao Remix)

The Herbaliser - Can't Help This Feeling (Grant Phabao Remix) (Exclusive MP3 download on 2009-05-23 Thanks to our resident DJ Soulist who booked The Herbaliser recently at La Maroquinerie in Paris, I had the chance to meet Ollie Teeba in the backstage and tell him about an upcoming reggae remix of Can't Help This Feeling that we were preparing for the Paris DJs virtual releases collection. He was really enthousiastic about it, saying the track could really work well in reggae mode and giving us his benediction... So here's the finished thing, with rumbling horns and skanking hooks, taylor-fit for all shaking dancefloors - another Grant Phabao instant hit!.. but I guess you're used to that kind of standard now. (Djouls) Tracklisting : 01. The Herbaliser - Can't Help This Feeling (Grant Phabao Remix) Note : DJs may want to contact us for a 256k MP3 version Links : About the Same As It Ever Was album by The Herbaliser About the Can't Help This Feeling single by The Herbaliser

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19. What A Wonderful World Ft. MF DOOM & The Herbaliser

What A Wonderful World Ft. MF DOOM & The Herbaliser

Louis Armstrong, MF DOOM, Amy Winehouse, The Herbaliser

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20. the herbaliser-the blend

  • Published: 2010-08-04T15:14:31Z
  • By alita***
the herbaliser-the blend

the herbaliser

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